French verbs can be a real hassle if you come from a language with a simpler system of conjugations; there are so many forms. To make sense of it all I used mental images and figures to organise the tenses in a neat system. If you want to see my squiggles, just scroll down!

So the other day I read this article from Aeon, and it got me thinking… Being quite the nerd I have already read a lot about memory palaces, the method of loci etc. and used these for various purposes before. This article however gave me an idea: What if I use this “memory walk” technique […]

A seemingly endless stream of interruptions from my smartphone and computer; e-mail, various social networks etc. keep making my attention span shorter. To counter this I recently bought a feature phone (dumb phone) to use when I feel like it. It was bought in Lithuania and mad by some (presumably) Russian company; that the keyboard […]