Make it ūüöÄ with Avg√•rde

Small WEB/APP/API collective from North of Norway


Avgårde is a small Norwegian internet collective (firm). We primarily do full stack development of REST APIs and apps for iOS and static/wordpress webpages, but are currently looking into using AI and machine learning (TensorFlow specifically) for future projects. On top of this we are quite concerned with the environment, society and their relation with technology.

The simple truth is that we hate bad solutions and work very hard to avoid being one ourselves.
Technology sure isn’t easy to handle, but we try to make it as seamless as possible for everyone involved.

Want to grab a coffee, need help or something totally unrelated, mail us:¬†here, or tweet¬†this guy.¬†To find out what we’re working on at the moment check out our blog here




Norwegian word. Means 'away' but more dramatic. Comes from gård meaning farm.