Grammar 101

Word classes

Different words are said to belong to different word classes depending on their form; similar attributes. That is, some words represent objects and thing, some actions and others states and descriptions. The word classes we are going get aquainted with are:

We're going to get to know these in more detail later in the course.

Parts of a sentence

While word classes relate to a word's form, the part it plays in a sentence is related to its function. What that means is that in a sentence different (groups of) word play diferent roles, what is meant by this is easiest shown with an example:

Mike and his friend send the packet to Mike's girlfriend

In this sentence we have the following word groups:

People often find it easy to figure out what is the subject and verbal of a sentence, but the distinction between the DO (Direct Object) and the IO (Indirect Object) is often perceived as difficult. So to clear this up a little, we can work with our sentence to gain the insight we need: In our sentence, the verbal (send) is the thing being done, so then we ask ourselves; What are we sending? Well, we're sending "the packet", and definitely not "Mike's girlfriend" because "Mike's girlfriend" it the person receiving the packet. So, the action of sending is performed upon the packed therby making it the DO of the verbal "send".

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