A sudden occurence Sun. Oct. 4. 2015 13:32

I’m not the person to plan my life in detail, but still no more than a week ago the forecast of my life looked wildly different than how it actually is today.

Comprised of futureFri. Sep. 25. 2015 17:25

What happens to a human being when you start feeling like your life is solely comprised of future plans? What happens when you come across the realization that this might be all there is to it? Some sort of singularity is bound to happen, in which this ‘might’ expands into a definite no, and where you come to terms with your own existence.

" "Sat. Sep. 12. 2015 05:24

The impeccable inferiority I often feel for myself is staggeringly blinding. It makes me lose track of me, what I have done, who I have touched; all my accomplishments firmly reduced to an otherwise indistinguishable void. This is however the void where I live, breathe and grow, it is the sole container of my personality and soul; in it I bathe myself in nothingness and nurture myself with pure nonexistence. But I still believe, because within my void I am nothing, and as such nothing can stand in my way.

MediatorsThu. Sep. 10. 2015 19:17

Just in this exact moment I realised how blatantly obsessed people are with their digital mediators. They are dragged along, carried around, silently invading peoples’s lives, gently sucking out the marrow of what it means to be human. I find it slightly demeaning towards the time we’re all allotted here on earth to just throw it away like that. Reducing ourselves to slaves of constant throughput, barren of complexity and depth.

The long bus rideTue. Sep. 8. 2015 19:34

In this otherwise so indiscriminate moment I made the decision that taking a long bus ride would be good for me. It’s been a while since I did that the last time, and it is always best when it is raining outside. There’s just something with the atmosphere in the bus when it’s raining; almost like a safe haven in which people know that they’re going to be dry and well on their way to a nice place.

The "stuck" momentMon. Sep. 7. 2015 21:24

I’m standing in the hall, I don’t really know why. However there I am, in the front of my own door on my way out, but to do what exactly? In this very moment I got stuck. I was standing on my own two feet in a blunt silence, feeling as if though my body was expecting some very vivid epiphany to occur. With this weird sensation refusing to leave the surface of my consciousness, I waited, only to discover that my mind’s notion of my future had been mistaken. I decided to leave in an instant to avoid further complications. So I did.